Inspiring primary school pupils

I am looking for volunteers to visit local primary schools to talk about the jobs they do and the benefits of working. The aim is to help pupils understand more about the different types of jobs we do, and to encourage children to have high job aspirations.

With Civil servants from different departments you will give motivational talks to help create positive perceptions of work in deprived communities and contribute to tackling the culture of worklessness and its associated problems. A cycle of benefits dependency amongst disadvantaged groups and communities and reliance on benefits can affect several generations of a family. The positive influence on children at an age when they are most receptive to the message about the benefits of work will be retained through adolescence to working age.

Colleagues in the north west of England have tested this approach and it’s been received with great enthusiasm by both volunteers and schools.

This is a good opportunity to test your communication and presentation skills in front of a challenging but enthusiastic audience! You will get a chance to connect with schools in your local community and really help to make a difference where it’s most needed. This oppoprtunity can contribute to your '5 a year' learning & development.

Where? – Starting at Fair Furlong Primary School, Withywood, Bristol, I am keen to roll it out to other primary schools in the Bristol area and beyond in the future.

What does it involve? – Delivering a talk of approximately 20-30 minutes to a group of pupils, and answering questions. A script isn’t provided, as you are best placed to know your job, but we offer support and guidelines to help you and the children get the most from the experience.

How to apply – If you would like to be involved, or would like to know more, please contact Valerie Cobbin.

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