Shortage of mentors

Mentoring can be a cost effective means to develop leadership and talent in the Civil Service. Cross departmental mentoring can help both mentors and mentees to develop new skills and share ideas from their respective departments.

Civil Service Local ran a mentoring scheme, which has now moved across to Civil Service Learning. The new mentor database is very easy to find by logging on to Civil Service Learning and from the home page click on ‘coaching and mentoring’ in the top grey tool bar.

In South west & Wales region there are only two mentors on the database and we would like to increase this number. You don’t have to have recent mentor experience or any formal training, you may well have broader knowledge/skills that could help others. As a mentor there may be times when you don't have capacity and you will be able to change your availability on the database.

Time spent mentoring another civil servant can count towards your minimum of 5 a year learning.

If you would like to join the database as a mentor, please email Heidi Stephens for more information.


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