New Year, New Challenge

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Why not make a positive start to the year and start using your paid volunteering days to help others and gain some personal development as well?  

On each of our CS Local regional pages you will find lots of articles about how others have used their volunteering time and new opportunities that are coming up in your area.  

You can sign up for email alerts from our blog by clicking on the 'sign up for updates' link to the right of this article.  Each time we add a new blog item, you will receive an email. So if you don't find something of interest now, keep an eye out for future articles.

 Some colleagues chose to volunteer with the Charity for Civil Servants in 2015 and won awards at their ceremony in London in December. There are various ways you can get involved in volunteering with the Charity and you can read more here. 

Remember to check your own departmental policy for more information on what activities are allowed and how to apply for special leave.



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  1. Comment by John M Haskey posted on

    Congratulations to Jim Twist, Linda Ridgers and Matthew Wilding from the London area on their awards.

  2. Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

    We haven't yet got a page for those Civil Servants In Scotland - The Scottish Office is looking at how we can do this. In the meantime congratulations to George Reid and to the Registers of Scotland.