Bereavement: The Charity for Civil Servants has help and support

Losing a loved one is always hard, even if it is expected. It can also be very difficult to support someone going through a bereavement. That’s why The Charity for Civil Servants has developed some new content for their website to help anyone who has recently lost someone close to them, or knows someone who has. In some circumstances they may also be able to offer financial assistance – for instance when Carolyn found herself unable to pay for her mother’s funeral, the Charity was able to help. 

The Charity for Civil Servants is here to help any civil servant who has recently been bereaved. It also offers support and advice to any civil servant supporting bereaved family, friends or colleagues. And though you may not be going through bereavement at this time, it’s always good to know what the Charity can offer. If you’re a manager or working in HR approving compassionate leave, it might be worth telling your colleague about the Charity’s specialist advice. 

For help and advice why not take a look at the Charity’s website or call their confidential helpline on 0800 056 2424.150602 Charity for Civil Servants featured image size


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