Discover your next step in Liverpool

Our free, two-hour discovery session will give you the chance to find out about other government departments in Liverpool and what they do. You can make new contacts that could help you to be more effective in your current role. Maybe you want to continue in your current profession but in a different department – or you want the challenge of a complete change. The session could help you decide where your development will take you next.

It's also a great chance to build your network and think of ways to share assets, expertise and experience in the future.

The event is taking place from 12pm to 2 pm on Thursday 5 May at Liverpool Civil and Family Court, in the city centre. Refreshments will not be provided and places are limited.

Please be sure to discuss the event with your manager before booking your place. Don’t delay – the last discovery session in Liverpool was fully-booked soon after it was announced. So why not take the first step on this year’s developmental journey today?

Book your place now!

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