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The Leaders of the Future Academy (to give it its full title) is for civil servants at Executive Office level and below, and its aim is to help people develop the skills and confidence to progress in their careers.

It seems that Mags – an in-house specialist trainer with the Department for Work and Pensions – has done exactly that. After her experience at the Academy, she said: “I feel inspired to reach my goals and lead form the front with confidence.”

Her next step was to work on a team to help school children learn life skills as part of a six-week Inspiring Young People project.

Continuing the theme, Mags volunteered to help at our recent Changing Horizons event in Blackpool, where she was the guide for a local high school. She was impressed with the students, saying: “It was inspiring to see these young adults totally committed to the day. They represented the school admirably.”

Mags believes the students made the most of the opportunities presented to them on the day. “They identified the right skills needed to actively contribute in an adult environment, i.e. team-work, open communication, honesty, integrity, passion, versatility, enthusiasm, leading from the front.”

Mags’ latest involvement was managing a project for the first time. Evaluation is in progress at the moment, so we’ll tell you more about that in the future. Meanwhile, Mags has been full of praise for the enthusiasm and commitment of her colleagues on the team who worked so hard to make the project a success.

Civil Service Local volunteers still have their normal ‘day jobs’ to do while they are involved in a project, and finding a way to manage the extra load is one of the skills that they learn. Mags has benefitted from the opportunity. She said: “On a personal note, the skills I take away from this project will be invaluable to me and the business area I work in.

Prioritising my work load on a daily basis is invaluable to me as a trainer, as it shows I was able to prioritise not only my own work load but that of the project.”

I can honestly say it has been amazing - it has made me stronger than I ever imagined I could be!

Look out for a future blog when we’ll tell you all about the exciting new project that Mags led. And if her story has inspired you to learn new skills and test yourself in a different environment, why don’t you get involved? For more information contact us

Who knows where Civil Service Local will take you?

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    Well done Mags. Another feather in your cap. I'll have that cup of tea now 🙂