New recruit Paul aims for a wider perspective

I’ve always admired the work Civil Service Local does to help and support citizens directly, often those who are the most disadvantaged. I've managed members of staff who have taken part in CS Local projects, and they always reported how rewarding it was, as well as developmentally beneficial to them. I love how the projects help staff get a wider perspective on the Civil Service and society as a whole.

That’s one of the attractions of my new role as assistant co-ordinator - I hope to learn a lot more about the wider Civil Service, as well as how charities and other agencies support citizens. A big part of that will involve being out and about meeting colleagues, stakeholders and volunteers.

Paul Bruzzese
Paul Bruzzese

I aim to bring all my experience to help the team meet their goals, and I'm always looking for opportunities to improve myself and the teams I work on. I'll probably be a pain at times, asking why things are done the way they are, but I think it’s important new team members question things.

Having supported staff in applying for and undertaking projects for CS Local, my own first taste of it was staffing a display stand at the 2017 Changing Horizons event in Blackpool. I talked to lots of primary school children about music to engage them, then spoke about the different career paths they could follow instead of just trying to get on the X-Factor.

I wasn't actually looking for a move from my job as a project manager on the HM Revenue and Customs Rules Based Team. I loved my role, and I’d just started a large improvement programme to our existing products that changed our approach and engaged front line users. Only an outstanding opportunity could have made me leave, and the chance to work for CS Local - and see at first hand how vital their work is - fitted in well with my longer term aims of working in the charity sector. My line manager was amazingly supportive of my decision, and so many colleagues have wished me well.

Outside work, I'm really into music and enjoy watching live bands whenever I can. I am also a recent convert to archery, and I'd recommend it to anyone – it’s an amazing way to forget the world and relax.


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