Thinking of a change of career - Commercial and Finance

Where and when: Cunard Building, Liverpool. 4 July 10:30 - 12:30 (new date) 

Did you know that there are opportunities to follow a professional qualification within the civil service? Come along to this free taster session to understand more about two specific areas: Commercial (procurement and supply management) and Financial (including audit)

This interactive session will give you:-

  • An introduction to both professional areas
  • Insight into two civil servants journey: from front line delivery through to a career in a professional function
  • Understanding of how these functions support delivery
  • What opportunities there are and how you can find out more about them

The session will also provide an overview of Civil Service Local and the opportunities available to help expand your skills whilst helping the region you live and work in.

We are aware of some issues with Departmental infrastructures when using EventBrite. If you do encounter an issue you can use a personal device to register. If you use a personal email please notify of your work email address after you've completed your booking. Before booking, please discussed and agree your attendance with your line manager.

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  1. Comment by Sue posted on

    Hi Are there any plans to be running this in the south/southwest?

    • Replies to Sue>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Sue,
      The plan is that we will hold similar events on the different professions across the country so watch this space.

      • Replies to Susan Coles>

        Comment by Laura posted on

        Would there be a dial in or any materials which come out of the meeting for interested parties based elsewhere?

        I would love a session in Bristol or the South West!

        • Replies to Laura>

          Comment by Paul Bruzzese posted on

          Please see Susan's answer to the previous query.

          We won't necessarily be issuing materials as some of the examples of the work available will vary from region to region depending on the departments within it.


          • Replies to Paul Bruzzese>

            Comment by Mira posted on

            Hi Paul / Susan

            I would be interested in attending this event but unfortunately due to work commitments I am unable to attend. I am in Liverpool and wondered if there was somewhere on the internet you could signpost me to for more information about the Financial roles?


          • Replies to Mira>

            Comment by Paul Bruzzese posted on


            Thanks for the message. My personal suggestion would be to log on to the professions page on CS Learning to see the skills and learning suggested and also look at what comes up if you search under Finance job roles on CS Jobs to see what kind of roles exists at what grades (and what they entail).

            I will email your details to the Finance speaker at the event. He should be able to suggest anything additional you can do.


  2. Comment by Elspeth Dornan posted on

    would be great if an event is held in Scotland

  3. Comment by Louisa Radice posted on

    What about Coventry?

  4. Comment by Julie posted on


    Is this relevant to any grade? I am a band E looking for promotion.