Time to change – promoting positive mental health in the workplace

Every year 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health problem. Two of the most common are anxiety and stress. Low mood or sleep problems might also take their toll and affect your mental health.

We are offering two discovery sessions to improve your knowledge of mental health. What techniques can you use to manage stress?

What information and advice is available to help you to support colleagues or employees when they find life more of a challenge?

Stress Awareness Discovery Session

Being under pressure is a normal part of life. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse.

This Stress Awareness session includes:

  • recognising the signs of stress;
  • tips on how to manage stress so it doesn’t become unbearable; and
  • where to go to find more help and support.

Suitable for all grades and roles.

When:  Monday, November 12, 2018     10:30 AM – 12:00 PM GMT

Where: Victoria Square House, 1 Pinfold Street, Birmingham. B2 4AA

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Mental Health in the Workplace Discovery Session

With one in four of us experiencing mental ill health at some point in our lives, what steps can we take to promote positive mental health and support those experiencing mental ill health?

This Mental Health in the Workplace session covers:

  • raising awareness of mental health issues;
  • helping people to support those with mental health issues; and
  • information about available resources.

Suitable for staff in all grades and all roles.

When: Monday, November 12, 2018   2:00 PM – 3:30 PM GMT

Where: Victoria Square House, 1 Pinfold Street, Birmingham B2 4AA

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Every Mind Matters

You may be aware of the Public Health England’s campaign ‘Every Mind Matters’ which provides a range of useful resources for everyone with the aim of promoting positive mental health. For more information and to access their toolkit click here.

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