Leadership Discovery Session

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Join fellow managers for this exciting group session where you will take a look at how we can become effective leaders and learn from our failures.

This session will

  • help you and your teams create the right culture to be more creative and innovative at work
  • explore the impact the fear of failure has on creativity, innovation and making improvements in the workplace
  • focus on simple tools and techniques which can help reduce fear and anxiety at work
  • encourage collaboration and experimenting with new ideas and trialling new ways of working

The topics are universal and so suitable for any grade, although line managers may find it especially useful.

We will talk about the things you can do as leaders to create an inclusive, collaborate culture in your teams; where people aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, try out new things, make mistakes and therefore learn and improve.

Please note that you will need to seek approval from your line manager and any travel and subsistence costs must be met by your department. This is a learning event and can count towards your 5 a year learning and development days.

Date:                               Monday 18 February 2019

Time:                              10 am to 1 pm

Location:                        Victoria Square House, Birmingham

To reserve your place:  click here


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  1. Comment by Ellen Curphey posted on

    Will there be any more of these event's as it is now sold out

    • Replies to Ellen Curphey>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Tickets do become available as people cancel their order so worth keep checking - there is one available now if you are quick