Civil Service Local Application Form

This Application Form / Statement of Interest is a generic form has been prepared that can be used for many of our opportunities. Please check the instructions in the opportunity description as some opportunities will require a fuller statement than others. You may need to refer to your current levels of experience or to the specific competances and / or development needs required. In some cases a specific requirement to be available on particular dates is required.

The form can be found here

Please note that in some departments this form cannot be saved in the normal way. If you use 'Save' or 'Save As' all the text will disappear and you will save a blank form. The workaround is to Print the form to file.

Select File, then Print

Change the destination printer to either AdobePDF or Microsoft Image / or Microsoft Document Writer

Select the file destination as normal then press Print or Save depending on the version you are using.

If all fails then please email us for a Word version of the document (we cannot upload Word documents to

Hopefully by the Autumn government system upgrades will mean this work around is no longer required.