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Welcome to Civil Service Local

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photo of Kathie Bates
Kathie Bates

Welcome to our blog.

Civil Service Local is a cross departmental initiative, part of Cabinet Office but based in the in the regions and countries outside Whitehall, that develops significant local influence over the delivery and effectiveness of the reform agenda.

I lead a team of 17 staff based in 6 locations around the country and our challenge is to identify, develop and deliver practical solutions under 6 themes:

Connect: Developing local connectivity between departments, encouraging greater effectiveness through sharing resources, expertise and developing strong local networks.

Citizens: Improving social mobility and the life chances of vulnerable citizens in our local communities by harnessing the voluntary power of the Civil Service.

Capability: Building the capability of the Civil Service by design and delivery of cross departmental initiatives in each region that promote priority skills and better leadership.

Inspire: Championing the vision for the Civil Service by engaging Civil Servants in all regions, raising awareness, promoting inclusion and encouraging participation.

Innovation: Encouraging a culture of innovation through the design and piloting of creative solutions and new ways of working together.

Investment: Demonstrate the efficiency of connection and innovation through identifying opportunities and investing in our people

Through these blog pages my team will be introducing themselves, the many volunteer helpers and secondees who work with us, our programmes and the success stories of ordinary civil servants from across the country. I hope you will enjoy reading about us and then getting involved with what we are doing in a place near where you live or work.

Kathie Bates



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  1. Comment by Alastair C Watson posted on

    Is there a Scotland group to which I might attcah ?

    • Replies to Alastair C Watson>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Alastair, please read the reply above to Peter. You are very welcome to join in any of the opportunities in the north east or the north west areas. The North East Coordinator, Michele Crawford may be able to tell you more about the Learning & Development Network in Scotland.

  2. Comment by peter melvin posted on

    Ditto Scotland?

    • Replies to peter melvin>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Peter, when Civil Service Local evolved from Civil Service in the English Regions we did not have a presence in Scotland. Although I appreciate it is not 'local' and there are difficulties with travel time and cost, you are able to join in activities organised by Civil Service Local in the north east and the north west. We are also working with Civil Service Learning to develop a Learning and Development Network in Scotland. We are also looking at ways to improve the consistency of our offers.

  3. Comment by Nicola Lloyd posted on

    HI, I'm based near Oxford - which group would be best for me?

    Nicola Lloyd

    • Replies to Nicola Lloyd>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Hi Nicola, Civil Service Local originated and evolved from Civil Service in the English Regions (CSER). Oxford was in the old South East Government Office region - now covered by our London and the south east area. Pragmatically, you may find it easier (geographically) to link with either of our teams in the Midlands. Our 'borders' are not rigid and you can join in any of projects in any area. What kind of group or project are you interested in?

  4. Comment by R. Ireland posted on

    It's disappointing that almost a year has past and there is no 'CS Local' representation for the whole of Scotland.

    I appreciate that we're welcome to attend events in the North of England, however I feel that defies the purpose of 'Local' and my business unit would not be able to afford the T&S, nor the additional time out of the office.

    What is being done to address this situation?

    • Replies to R. Ireland>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Richard, I'm pleased to report that progress is being made with regards to Scotland. In addition to the Civil Service Learning Network that has been in place for some time, discussions are now taking place within the Scotland Office with a view to developing cross departmental work in Scotland. I appreciate there has been quite a wait but I hope you will hear good news in the near future

  5. Comment by Dan Phelps posted on

    Any other members of the #AllWalesAcademy here ?

    1st post goes to the Barmouths !

    Watch this space and follow the above hashtag for more exciting development news coming from the Barmouths !

  6. Comment by Louise Crawford posted on


    What is the latest position with regards to the development of a CSL for Scotland. If this does get the go ahead I am sure there will be plenty of interest for helping to set this up.


    • Replies to Louise Crawford>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      The Head of CS Local has met with the Scotland Office in Edinburgh who are developing an offering in Scotland. I don't have any more details yet.