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John Mark Haskey

I am a Knowledge & Information Management professional with expertise in programme and project leadership, communications and IT (inc Social Media). I started my civil service career, after working in the chemical / plastics industry for ten years, by joining the Manpower Services Commision. Since then, either through personal moves or by 'machinery of government' changes I have worked in DWP (including the Employment Service and Jobcentreplus), DfEE, DfE, DfES, DCSF, DCLG, Government Offices for the East of England (GOEE) and London (GOL), HMRC and Civil Service HR (Resourcing). I am keen to help government move fully into the 21st century, by appropriate use of modern IT, Social Media and ways of working. I introduced a MediaWiki site into a 'Microsoft Only' department and you may find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Wikipedia and FaceBook.

Civil Service Local closure

Civil Service Local Team

With effect from 1 April 2022, Civil Service Local is no longer in operation.
We would like to thank you for working with us over the last 11 years, it has been a pleasure working in partnership with so many different civil servants across the full range of departments and agencies, and across the whole country.

Announcing our National Academy Showcase

Civil Service Local presents the National Academy Showcase with images of people networks, people working together, joined hands, joined coloured ropes, an awards trophy with a star on top and a white government looking building

7 years - 31 talent academies - 1,600 leaders - over 30 departments and agencies - 250 facilitators. We are inviting those who have been involved to meet to reflect on and celebrate our success.

National Networks Day 2018

Today we are supporting National Staff Networks Day. Networks are a core, integral part of what we do in bringing civil servants from across the departments together, to break down barriers, provide insight into what matters to them and to share practical and creative solutions to common issues.

Shadowing and the Operational Delivery Qualification

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Victoria's and Ty's stories help us to see the benefits that can result of both Job Shadowing in itself and how it can contribute towards the Operational Deliver Qualification helping us to improve our customer service, knowledge of the wider civil service and our personal development.