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East midlands Academy - a great success!

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delgates at the east midlands academy

"Overall great experience"   "An amazing opportunity and a fabulous Academy"  "The Civil Service needs more events like this to bring us together as one to learn, develop and grow"

Just a few comments from delegates at the recent East midlands Academy which took place at Lawress Hall in Lincoln during the last week of May.  Mark from the Valuation Office Agency was one of 48 delegates who learned more than he thought he would at the 4 day course.

"Arriving as a delegate at the East midlands Academy 2014, I wasn't really sure what to expect. The main theme was Civil Service Reform, but for me the focus was personal development, and I got it in spades.

We were swiftly divided into teams, and set to work to devise a plan to save an imaginary zoo from closure and then present it. The high pace meant we had no time to worry, and we quickly pulled together. Further work was interspersed with speakers designed to inform or inspire us. One session on team roles, and how to work out your own, was particularly fascinating.

All this led to the big event on day 3 - the Dragons: Having worked as a team to generate and present ideas, and heard more about the Reform Plan, we were now asked to think of a great idea on how to improve something, and then persuade a team of senior leaders how great it was. This was the most interesting, but stressful, part of the week, and once the Dragons had considered and accepted our idea the relief was massive.

The only remaining problem is that having had a great idea, we now have to do it.

The Academy was far, far better than I could have expected, and I've met some great new people who've given me a whole new perspective on my career."

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  1. Comment by Janice Light posted on

    I applied for the Academy not really knowing what to expect. It far exceeded anything I could have possibly imagined. It was a real joy to be with people from all arms of the Civil Service who I would never have met in my normal day job. It was inspiring to hear from them and from the guest speakers who enthused about their own journey within their respective roles and how we can not only apply the measures within the Civil Service Reform plan but actually have a share in shaping the CS of the future. Although it was challenging, it was truly inspiring and I felt stretched to my limit both physically and mentally but came away truly refreshed and reinvigorated. Although a few weeks have passed now, our team are busy with our project and I still have a big smile on my face. It was truly life changing and I would thoroughly recommend it to others.

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      Comment by Pauline Tulloch (Academy Project Lead) posted on

      Wow! What a fantastic endorsement this is for Academy Janice. Thank you so much for your comments which I'm sure will be really helpful to people who want to know more about the event.

  2. Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

    Thank you Nahida Ahmed for commenting "It was truly amazing for everyone involved!"
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