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Awareness sessions

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Would you like one of the CS Local team to visit your workplace? We are keen to come and visit your workplace to talk to you and your colleagues about the opportunities that we can offer you or how we can help you develop actions in your local area.

Our short presentations can be tailored to meet your needs, but will always include an outline of who we are and what we provide. Our presentations are a great way to find out about local opportunities, and can really help staff members working in local offices to connect to the big picture. We don't need a lot of space or equipment - our visits range from the higher tech PowerPoint presentations with pop up stands to a friendly one to one chat over coffee.

We are arranging a number of visits this Autumn so if this is something you feel would benefit you and your colleagues please contact us. We work closley together in the East of England, the South East of England and in London - currently our team consists of:

Ian Barton: is based in Peterborough / King's Lynn and regularly travels to London and across the East of England

John Haskey is based in Westmninster (100Parliament Street / I Horse Guards and Bush House, Strand and regularly travels across the South East

Liz Challand is based in Southampton and can easily travel across the South East and to London

Donna Donaghey is based in Bush House, Strand and can easily travel to within the East of England and London

Although we travel, we make every effort to keep costs to a minimum and wherever possible aim to see more than one organisation when we are in an area - or even better if you have a larger conference room, let us know and we can bring departments together for either an Awareness or Discovery session*.

And you can always talk to us through these blog pages - simply comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.


(* Discovery Sessions are a series of interactive talks and learning events, each lasting a couple of hours, where colleagues have the opportunity to hear about cross-departmental subjects and issues that affect all of us as Civil Servants. We invite people from a range of Civil Service departments and agencies, irrespective of their grade to attend one-off interactive learning sessions, which develop the strategic awareness and expertise of staff through presentations from leaders across the public sector. If you want to know more or want to host this kind of event please let us know).

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