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Volunteers still needed at Civil Service Live London

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There has been a tremendous response to our call for volunteers and we have enough for the events outside of London.

In London more are needed - with over 5,000 civil servants expected to attend, hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers are needed to help, doing things including welcoming and escorting speakers and guests, managing registration and delegates in seminar rooms and roving mic responsibilities. This is an exciting opportunity to fulfil a corporate contribution objective and attendance counts as 1 of your 5 a year learning opportunities, and of course, there will be time to listen in on seminars yourself.

Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October: Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London

I need volunteers to fill several different roles on the day, each as important as the next. A brief description of the roles is included at the end of the page below. Where possible jobs will be allocated according to individual preference, although unfortunately this will not be possible in all cases. Volunteers will be told which roles they will be fulfilling as soon as numbers are confirmed. You will not receive an acknowledgment until Wednesday 2 September.

If you would like to volunteer, please send me by email your name, T-shirt size, if you have any specific needs and whether you want to do a whole or half a day (or up to 2 days).

I look forward to seeing you there and don't forget to follow us and comment using Twitter  @CivServiceLocal, @UKCivilService, #CivilServiceLive,

Volunteer roles include:

Registration Assistants

Your role will be to direct delegates to registration desks, or to entry points if they have pre-registered and help prevent bottlenecks at the busiest times of the day.  You will also be on hand to assist delegates if they require assistance.  The registration area will be extremely busy at certain times of the day and your assistance is absolutely vital to enable the process to run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Welcome/Info desk

You will play a key part in making sure that all the attendees know what is happening on the day, know where to go etc. The info desk will have an event manual that will contain all the info you would need. This will include the schedule for the day, maps of the venue, the Wi-Fi password and other useful info.

Seminar Room assistants/roving microphones

Your job will be to monitor delegates as they enter each seminar, checking their seminar booking confirmation and supporting attendees with specific needs.  You will also be on hand to direct individuals to seats if necessary and make a judgement on when/whether to allow individuals without booking confirmation into the session, and on when to close the door to new delegates entering the room (either when the room is full or the seminar is beginning). Additionally, you will be in charge of the roving microphone in the Q&A session, ensuring the mic is switched off when not in use.

Speaker welcome and liaison

Working with our Civil Service Local lead and theme leads we may need individuals to welcome our speakers on arrival, to take them to where they need to be, offer refreshments and generally be on call for whenever they or the VIP speaker assistants need assistance.  You’ll also be on hand to deputise for the VIP speaker assistants when they are on their breaks.

Way finders

In order to assist delegates in finding the venue, we may need some volunteers to be located at the main railway/tube stations to direct people to where they need to go.

Floor Guides

Essential to the smooth running of the event, you will be stationed at various points in the venue, and be responsible for directing delegates to where they want to go and be ready to offer assistance to anyone who needs it.

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