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Mental Health: it does not have to be a difficult conversation

a dog alongside the words mental health, it doesn't have to be a difficult conversation

In October The Charity for Civil Servants launched a chatbot, ‘DogBot’ and their Wellbeing Hub. These tools brought together their most popular wellbeing self-help resources, enabling users to identify, choose and receive information direct to their inbox.

Additional and refreshed content to both DogBot and the Wellbeing Hub will be launched on this year’s ‘Time to Talk Day’, Thursday 7 February.

This new content includes:

  • Updated downloads on the Wellbeing Hub, including a self-complete stress diary template and guides to different mental health conditions
  • A series of 8 video podcasts around resilience. Available from the Wellbeing Hub, each one comes with a downloadable handout and covers areas such as sleep, nutrition and exercise
  • DogBot will now be able to talk the user through mindfulness techniques and explain in detail the concept of cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT), before signposting people on to how to access services local to them

For further information and advice from the Charity about any concerns you might have, take a look at their website or call to speak to an Advisor in confidence on Freephone 0800 056 2424.

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  1. Comment by Tracey Middlemiss posted on

    I am happy to talk about my mental health it is a pity that I am not listened to and taken seriously!

    • Replies to Tracey Middlemiss>

      Comment by Helen posted on

      Hi Tracey. I think alot of the time it's simply a case of people sympathise but can't really 'empathise' as they've never had any experience of mental health - either themselves or with someone close. Like alot of things, it's often easier to understand if you've experienced it firsthand. There are ALOT of people out there who DO understand and WILL take you seriously. There is help and support out there. I hope you find it soon.

  2. Comment by Tracey Middlemiss posted on

    Hi Helen, thank you so much for your reply. Don't get me wrong I know there are people out there who can help but maybe not in my situation. When it is work-related there is no help!!

  3. Comment by John Gray posted on

    Hi Tracey, mental health issues in any situation should be acknowledged and support given. I appreciate that sounds over simplified and when it's work related it means the onus falls on you to raise matters at a time when you perhaps feel least able. I do hope you are successful in this. Our employer has a duty of care. My experience is that the vast vast majority of our colleagues genuinely do care.