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Come and learn more about Success Profiles

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Are you considering applying for a job using Success Profiles but feel a bit daunted about what will be required?

Would you like to know more about Success Profiles?

If so, you are invited to attend a Civil Service Local discovery session to help you become more familiar with the new system for recruitment in the Civil Service.

Ilhame Hussain and Kim Ralph are offering two opportunities for you to join them for a session explaining Success Profiles in a simple, uncomplicated way.

This informal, interactive event will:

  • provide an explanation of the 5 elements of Success Profiles (ability; technical; experience, behaviours and strengths)
  • give an overview of what recruiters are looking for
  • describe what you might be asked for at the application stage
  • explain how an interview under Success Profiles might differ to an interview using competences
  • give you some basic tips and examples

Where : Room G34, 1 Horse Guards Road, London SW1A 2HQ

When : 22 October 2019

Time : 10:30am to 12.30pm or 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Register for a place on Eventbrite. Please sign up using your work email address or we might not be able to accept your booking.

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  1. Comment by Marie Anderson posted on

    Can you advise if any of these sessions will be delivered in the North East. We currently have a lot of FTA people applying for perm vacancies but with little understanding or knowledge of Success Profiles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Marie Anderson

    • Replies to Marie Anderson>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Marie
      Assuming this event works well we will be exploring other areas in which to deliver it.

      • Replies to Susan Coles>

        Comment by Marie Anderson posted on

        Brilliant it would be great if we could provide useful products and support to our people. Thanks

    • Replies to Marie Anderson>

      Comment by Helen Thomas posted on

      I was about to say exactly the same thing, there seems to be a total lack of Success Profile training at the moment and its disappointing that this seems only to be offered in London.

  2. Comment by Helen Kenworthy posted on

    Susan, This looks like a great event, unfortunately I am not able to attend, but would it be possible for the material ie power point etc. to be shared or sen to me

    thank you

  3. Comment by Wendy posted on

    Interested in attending this event. Currently the Eventbrite page from the link is unavailable.

    • Replies to Wendy>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      The problem is not from our side. However all the places are now booked but if you try later you may be able to put your name on the waiting list.

      • Replies to Susan Coles>

        Comment by Wendy posted on

        Thank you for quick response. All booked shows the demand for this type of event 🙂

  4. Comment by Jenny Hagan posted on

    Would you consider doing this via Skype/webinar?

    • Replies to Jenny Hagan>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Jenny, at the moment it is only possible to attend in person but we are actively looking at other ways we can deliver these sessions so watch this space.

  5. Comment by Claudine Brown posted on

    Hi Susan

    As all places are fully booked will you be offering more sessions? if not how do I put myself on the waiting list?

    • Replies to Claudine Brown>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Claudine - you can put your name on the waitlist via the Eventbrite link

  6. Comment by Surinder posted on

    I have been looking for some face to face learing in success profiles. Will you be including other dates in London?

    • Replies to Surinder>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Surinder, assuming these sessions are successful we will look to run more in London. If we do people on the waiting list will be given first preference for slots so please do sign up on this list on Eventbrite.

  7. Comment by Toby Charlton posted on

    Hello, where on the CS Learning Website is this material and is it all in one place, or scattered across the Website in different locations.

  8. Comment by Julie Whitehouse posted on

    Hi. We have been discussing delivery of a session like this in our work area/ geography. If a discovery session is not viable, is there any scope to contact the deliverers to discuss an alternative? Thanks

  9. Comment by Andrea Paterson posted on

    Hi - I am in agreement with others who suggested sessions elsewhere. It would be extremely beneficial to the whole of the Civil Service.
    I will check out the Success profiles via CSL link mean time.

  10. Comment by Sheena posted on

    Will there be another session like this in the future. Unfortunately, I wont be able to make the one on 22/10/19.

  11. Comment by Abz posted on

    For those with travel embargoes being enforced, can these sessions be delivered/shared via Live Stream please?