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Postponed - Power of attorney, intestacy, and wills - demystifying what it all means and being prepared

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Following the Prime Minster's advice to avoid travel and gatherings we have decided to postpone this event until the Autumn.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused


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Aside from birth, dying is the only other experience we will all share. So why is it so hard to talk about it? And, why is it so important that we should? Join us for an interactive session to discover why about why it is important to make a will and the things you need to talk about and consider.

The more we talk about a subject the less it becomes fearful. Talking to those we love about death and dying also helps us to prepare, plan and ensure our friends and families know our choices and preferences.

This discovery session hosted by Elisabeth Whybrow (Senior Associate at Silks Solicitors) and Dr Anna Lock (palliative medicine consultant at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust) will be an interactive discussion covering legal issues such as Power of Attorney, wills and intestacy, as well as an opportunity for you to raise any questions you may have about terminal illness and end-of-life care.

If you have any particular queries or issues you would like covered (either in relation to wills or palliative care) please complete this form and we will do our best to include it as part of the session.

Date: Tuesday 24 March 2020

Time: 2pm - 4 pm

Location: Victoria Square House, Birmingham

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  1. Comment by Sharon posted on

    Hi, do you know if the Office of the Public Guardian are supporting this event in anyway? Thank you.

    • Replies to Sharon>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      Hi Sharon, I have sent you an email. Please let me know if you or someone else at OPG wants to get involved.

  2. Comment by Karen Turner posted on

    Would it be possible to join the conversation via Teams or to receive any information provided by email please?

    • Replies to Karen Turner>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      We have had several requests to join this session by Teams. Unfortunately this isn't possible but I am actively looking for a potential solution.

      • Replies to Angela Fisher>

        Comment by Karen Turner posted on

        Thank you Angela

  3. Comment by Chaz Angel posted on

    Hello, could this be recorded and made available as a podcast or Teams broadcast? I'm interested but unable to travel to attend in person. Many thanks!

  4. Comment by Liz posted on

    I can't be at the session, but as someone who has recently lost their mother, can I stress the importance of talking to relatives about what kind of treatment you do or don't want, if you are in a situation where you can't make that decision for yourself. I didn't know what my Mum wanted, and had to guess as to what her wishes would have been - it's a horrible position to be in and I still doubt myself and whether I did the right thing. Thankfully, the doctors were ultimately responsible for the decision to withdraw treatment (the Power of Attorney hadn't come through in time), but I wonder if I really represented Mum's views accurately, to help inform that decision.

    • Replies to Liz>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      Hi Liz, firstly can I say how sorry I am to hear about your mother. Please accept my sympathy at what must be a difficult time. I would also like to thank you for your comment, which is much appreciated.

      • Replies to Angela Fisher>

        Comment by Liz posted on

        thank you Angela - I'm on a bit of a personal mission now to make sure those close to me have those conversations while they still can.

  5. Comment by Mark Logie posted on

    Will this benefit staff in Scotland, where laws are different?

    • Replies to Mark Logie>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      This session will just cover the legislation in England. The emphasis of the session is not so much the law but the importance of having conversations with loved ones about your wishes and the various matters you should consider around this issue.

  6. Comment by India Charlesworth posted on

    Will there be any more of these sessions anywhere else in the country ?

  7. Comment by Marilena Simi posted on

    Would it be possible to hold this a webinar so that others can join?

  8. Comment by Cazza posted on

    I'd like to second, or is it third, the request to have this made available for all that cannot make it to Birmingham for whatever reason. Podcast, webcast, summary would all be helpful.

    • Replies to Cazza>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      In reply to all your requests to make this session more widely available to those who cannot attend on the day. We are looking into this and will let you know if this can be arranged.

      • Replies to Angela Fisher>

        Comment by Adrian Pearson posted on

        I would certainly want to listen to this. I'm in the North West so cannot attend in person but I'm in my 60s and planning at the moment. Perhaps it should be made available across the civil service.

  9. Comment by Diane Coates posted on

    Hi Angela
    Could you please contact me regarding your event.
    Thank you

  10. Comment by Jackie posted on

    I feel that the subject of this session is very relevant to me and would very much like to attend, unfortunately I will be on holiday for that week (hopefully) so unable to attend. If it’s not possible to run another session could the script, including any Q & A ‘S be posted on-line please.
    I am sure it would be of interest to my colleagues too.

  11. Comment by Andrew Haughey posted on

    In light of current circumstances - reducing travel, exposure to multiple attendee events etc. - would it now make sense to have this as a non-attendance event?
    We have so many platforms/applications at our disposal - MS Teams, MS Stream etc., surely these could be utilised to their potential?

    • Replies to Andrew Haughey>

      Comment by Angela Fisher posted on

      To all who have requested remote access to or a recording of this session.

      We have discussed this with the presenters and given due consideration to the possibility of providing this as a remote access session. Unfortunately this is not possible or appropriate on this occasion.