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Discover opportunities within the Counter Fraud Profession

The Government Counter Fraud Profession, in partnership with Civil Service Local, are delighted to provide you with the opportunity to participate in an interactive 2 day online event running on 13 and 14 July from 10:30 to 12 midday on both days.

Please join us to hear our specialist speakers from across several Government departments speak on a range of topics covering counter fraud.  We encourage you to join both event days in order to capture the full advantages the sessions have to offer.  This event is open to all UK civil servants

Background to Fraud

The Counter Fraud Profession was founded on 9 October 2018 and was developed to create counter fraud specialists to lead the way on how we deal with fraud.

Fraud is a peculiar crime.  By its very nature, it is hidden and always evolving in response to changes in society, such as advances in technology.  It is also a constant threat to both individuals and organisations in all sectors.  In the public sector, fraud damages the services we provide that people rely on, and it can quite often ruin lives.  To fight it, we’ve got to find it; and to find it, we’ve got to build the right counter fraud capability across the Civil Service.

The focus of this event will showcase a mixture of expert speakers who will raise awareness of some of the key elements of reducing fraud, protecting the public purse and its services, fighting economic crime, raising awareness of the counter fraud function, the professionalisation agenda and how these are implemented across government and beyond.

Day one:

Our speakers will be presenting sessions on:

  • What you need to know
  • The structure of the profession
  • The progress made so far
  • What lies ahead
  • A new career: the Counter Fraud Investigator Apprenticeship

You should book your place at this event if you are:

  • Interested in a career in counter fraud
  • Already working in counter fraud, but have not yet been able to join the Profession
  • A member of the Profession, but want to deepen your understanding  of its structures and how it can help you to develop further

When will this session be taking place?

Date: Tuesday 13 July 2021

Time: 10:30 am to midday

How do I register?

To join this session register via Eventbrite by clicking here.

Day two

We will look more closely at counter fraud work, with speakers from the frontline fight against fraud at Companies House and the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU).

You should book your place at this event if you:

  • Want to learn about how different types of fraud are detected and investigated
  • Have an interest in economic crime, including the harms it causes

When will this session be taking place?

Date: Wednesday 14 July 2021

Time: 10:30 am to midday

How do I register?

To join this session register via  Eventbrite by clicking here.

Online access requirements

Please read carefully before booking your tickets. Information provided is designed to ensure you are able to access the event successfully.

Please register on Eventbrite with your departmental email address for security purposes and ensure you have permission from your line manager to attend. Please note that you must be able to access Microsoft Teams via the app or browser to join this online event. If you are unable to access this system on your work device you may wish to join using a personal device. All links will be sent at least 24 hours prior to the event. Please join the session at least 5 minutes before it is due to start.

If your link does not arrive 24 hours before the event please email the contact on Eventbrite. Unfortunately, we will not be able to action any requests to provide links on the day of the event.

Remember, fighting fraud is everyone’s responsibility.


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  1. Comment by Ranjit Singh posted on

    The problem i have with this is my staff that are interested are already booked in to conduct driving tests on these days. It is too short notice to get them to book these dates as study days etc

    • Replies to Ranjit Singh>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks, Ranjit. We are planning to record the event, and if we can obtain appropriate permissions, we will rerun the broadcast again so please look out for that.

  2. Comment by Terri posted on

    I am unable to attend this event.
    Will this event be recorded and available to view at a later date?

  3. Comment by Adrian Landeg posted on

    Hi, similar situation to Ranjit here, can these events be recorded and shared afterwards?

  4. Comment by Stuart Vardy posted on

    Great idea, but I do agree with Ranjit about the notice.

    I'm hoping that in my organisation that this will help increase engagement with the profession as well as attract new ones.

    • Replies to Stuart Vardy>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks, Stuart. We are planning to record the event, and if we can obtain appropriate permissions, we will rerun the broadcast again so please look out for that. And yes, it would be great to generate increased interest in the profession as a result of these sessions.

  5. Comment by Ultan Tierney posted on

    I too am interested but I am already booked to do disclosure training on these days so cannot take part.

  6. Comment by Julie Wheeldon posted on

    These sessions are now sold out. Is there a waiting list?

  7. Comment by Deborah james posted on

    When I received the notice both events were already fully booked

  8. Comment by Sarah posted on

    I've just tried to book myself in for the session on 14.07.2021 and it is showing as Sold Out. Is this correct?

  9. Comment by Lisa posted on

    The event is showing as sold out. Do you have a waiting list should any spaces become available?

  10. Comment by Jo posted on

    They are already booked out. Please can you arrange more sessions giving more notice and more spaces ?

  11. Comment by Elizabeth Flanagan posted on

    These events are sold out. Will you be running any further ones?

  12. Comment by Charlotte kay posted on

    This event seemed to Sell Out so quickly. Hope it is run again as i knwo myself and others who love the opportunity to join.

  13. Comment by Ian Barton posted on

    This event has proven to be extremely popular, so we will look to see if we can record the event and re-broadcast it at a later date to meet the demands from those of you that have missed out on a place. Thank you.

    • Replies to Ian Barton>

      Comment by JP posted on

      A recording of the event would be extremely beneficial for those who for whatever reason were unable to attend, myself included - with thanks.

  14. Comment by Saiqa posted on


    As above you have stated you will record these sessions, is there any chance you could run some more, for those who would like to attend are able to do so. Especially as it appears there is a high demand for them, as I would really to attend.

  15. Comment by Ian Barton posted on

    We are pleased to say that as of today (7 July) we have obtained additional online places for this event, so please feel free to sign up via the EventBrite link.

    • Replies to Ian Barton>

      Comment by Mark posted on

      Is there any chance I could have a recorded version of this event please? I originally tried to obtain the ticket when they had just sold out. I was then on leave when a message was added to this website stating you were opening up more sessions. Thanks

  16. Comment by Peter du Toit posted on

    Appears I am unable to join the meeting through Teams, I have clicked join and it stays on this screen

  17. Comment by Claire Bridgeman posted on

    I have dialled in both audio only and via teams and have been waiting for over 10 minutes to be admitted!!

  18. Comment by John Haskey posted on

    Apologies to all. The host lost internet connection whilst admitting people. It should now be possible normally.

  19. Comment by Jo Warren posted on

    How can I find out more about your profession and possible vacancies within your department, i was unable to join the event as I was on annual leave and had tests booked in today.