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World Hearing Day

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Girl with hand on her ears trying to hear , writing on side in honour of World hearing day on March 3 check your hearing

World Hearing Day this year takes on a more special significance, as this year 2020 is the Year of Inclusion for the Civil Service. According to Action on Hearing Loss, we have 12 million people in the UK with hearing loss, that’s one in 6 of us. This figure is estimated by Action on Hearing Loss to increase to 15.6m people by 2035.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network

For civil servants, the Civil Service Deaf and Hard of Hearing Network provides an opportunity for civil servants from across the UK to come together to support each other with deafness or hearing loss in the spirit of inclusion, share best practice initiatives and receive opportunities for development.

We are working with Civil Service Local and Clarion UK  to hold a special event.

Where: HM Treasury, London.

When: 31st March

This event is not only to celebrate World Hearing Day; raise awareness of the network and inclusion across the Civil Service. It is also to provide deaf awareness training to support all our civil servants to reassure you, that you are not alone. There is always support and someone whom can help

We would love you to join us, so if you are interested contact or

Updated 3 June 2021: the contact details for this network is no longer Simon Skerritt.


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  1. Comment by Liz Welch posted on

    I would love to be part of this but will be on leave. Is it possible to let me know how to become part of this network please? I would be very interested to find about provisions for inclusion

    • Replies to Liz Welch>

      Comment by Simon Skerritt posted on

      Liz, if you can email us we will provide you with more information.

  2. Comment by Mike Fitzgerald posted on

    I will try to be there, but extremely busy. Having a hearing problem is difficult to explain to some people, but many of us will understand each other.

    • Replies to Mike Fitzgerald>

      Comment by Simon Skerritt posted on

      Mike, do not worry. We will have other events. You are welcome to join the network or follow us on Twitter @CSDeafHHearing to find out more on what we are doing.

  3. Comment by Lucinda Gasson posted on

    There are no links to the event - please can you advise how we sign up for this.

  4. Comment by Tanya Reed-Balderson posted on

    Hi Simon,

    Happy to support or assist in any way .

    • Replies to Tanya Reed-Balderson>

      Comment by Simon Skerritt posted on

      Hi Tanya, will get in touch with you

  5. Comment by Clive Wilkinson posted on

    Great, There is from my experience much for the Service to learn about loss of hearing. Mine is a unique roll with the service made even harder by being deaf.

  6. Comment by Simon Skerritt posted on

    We would love to know more of your experiences Clive, feel free to get in touch with us

  7. Comment by Derelyn Burns posted on

    Is it possible to let me know how to become part of this network please?

  8. Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

    Dear readers, please use a email address when making comments on this blog. Emails from other domains will not be published. Thanks.