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Supporting your wellbeing when remote working

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Working from home is becoming the new way of working for many of us at the moment, meaning for many civil servants across the country we are having to look at new ways to keep healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

It is important that we look after our mental health and wellbeing and ensure that we take time during our working day to exercise and move away from our work at regular intervals. To mark April’s Stress Awareness Month, CS Local Cymru Wales are privileged to have secured some videos regarding tips to support you when home working from Joanne Perkins, Registered Osteopath and Lecturer in MSC Osteopathy Programme, Swansea University. 

Video 1 - posture tips, 20:20:20 rule, keep moving

Video 2 - sitting on a settee?

Video 3 - kitchen location - motion is lotion

Video 4 - breathe - exercise - sleep

Kim Ann Williamson MBE, CS Local Coordinator Cymru Wales stated “These videos are a great reminder of how we should work and stretch and breathe during our working day to hopefully avoid the aches and twinges we sometimes get from sitting incorrectly or working too long at our laptops without a break. I am really grateful to Joanne for taking the time to create these videos for us and I hope you find them useful…...keep stretching".

For more information please contact CS Local Cymru Wales.

We are aware that access to YouTube is blocked by a number of government departments and we are working to find ways of making our services available to all civil servants.

Some departmental staff are able to cut and paste the URLs listed into their browsers rather than using the links directly.

Thank you for your patience whilst we work to find a way around this.

Staff can use their own devices to access these materials in the absence of departmental facilities.






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  1. Comment by Margaret posted on

    DO NOT APPROVE - I will address issue in general comment John

    Looks like something I could do with having been WFH for 3wks...…..shame DWP has blocked the site

  2. Comment by Ross Pendrey posted on

    Yep, thanks to all concerned in the making and sharing of those. I did think they were quite helpful, as well as being mercifully short ( having viewed them at the end of a relatively long day of homeworking...).

    If pushed, I might recommend them to others! But the snag is that I'm a bit too socially isolated!

    Anyway, thanks again for that.

  3. Comment by Sarah Stewart posted on

    Some great tips here on good posture for home workers.

  4. Comment by Anna posted on

    Really useful tips and I like how everyday objects (such as using books and ring binders to improve your positioning) were used. Will definitely be getting a ring binder out for my desk!

  5. Comment by Anne Muir posted on

    Great information and tips on these 4 short videos. I will recommend these to colleagues. I couldn't get them to work from the links and had to copy the properties and paste into google. Thanks

  6. Comment by Mike Hogg posted on

    Good piece, short and to the point.

    Timing is spot on

  7. Comment by michelle O'connor posted on

    For some reason the 'youtube' links are not working as DWP blocks the webpage so it's unfortunate that we can't gain access. Can you advise how to gain access

  8. Comment by Nicola Harkins posted on

    Really useful tips. Thank you

  9. Comment by Alison Griffett posted on

    Short practical helpful videos. Just what is needed and really useful.

  10. Comment by Nerma Williams posted on

    Really useful videos many thanks for providing them. I will recommend them to colleagues as I think others will find them very helpful.

  11. Comment by Alison Dewar posted on

    Very good tips and as a result I’ve put an arch-lever file to good use and will now start to move around a bit more (about every 20 mins).

    As well as working safely from different rooms in the house.

    I've shared wider too. Thanks for sharing