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Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills - what are they and why do they matter?

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Our Midlands team are running an event open to civil servants across the UK called ‘Hoping for the best, planning for the worst’. You can find the link to the event here

The North West team are now offering a follow up event for civil servants in England and Scotland, which will focus on lasting power of attorney and wills. The rules differ in England and Scotland, so please ensure you join the correct session.

Did you know that;

  • Lasting Power of Attorney: protects you during your lifetime
  • having a LPA gives someone you trust - usually a relative or friend the power to act on your behalf
  • without a LPA all your assets, including joint ones are frozen until a deputyship order has been granted
  • it takes 9 months to appoint a deputy and can cost a minimum of £2170
  • putting Lasting Power of Attorney in place while you are able to can avoid all the above issue

Did you know that Wills;

  • ensure your wishes are known and are respected
  • should be in place if you own a property, have children or have more than £5,000 in savings
  • set out where you want your assets to go and when
  • make gifts of sentimental value
  • choose your Executors and Trustees
  • choose your Guardians for children under 18
  • are important and should be reviewed every 3 to 5 years.

These sessions will offer a great source of information and advice to those wanting to know more. The sessions will be small and interactive with a chance to get all your questions answered.

Please note that you must  be able to access Microsoft Teams via the app or browser to join this online event. If you are unable to access this system on your work device you may wish to join using a personal device.

To book a place on this event, please use the links below:

North West 4 March 11am to 12pm - Book your ticket here

North West 27 April 11am to 12pm -Book your ticket here

East, South & East London 18 March 11am to 12pmBook your ticket here

East, South & East London 15 April 11am to 12pmBook your ticket here

North East Yorkshire & Humber 4 March 2pm to 3pmBook your ticket here

North East Yorkshire & Humber 14 April 11am to 12 pm - Book your ticket here

Scotland 25 March 11am to 12 pmBook your ticket here

Scotland 13 May 2pm to 3pmBook your ticket here

South West 17 March 11am to 12pmBook your ticket here

South West 22 April 11am to 12pmBook your ticket here


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  1. Comment by Maria McCracken posted on

    Hi, are you considering any events for Northern Ireland?
    Kindest regards

  2. Comment by Laura Crouch posted on


    I'm from the Office of the Public Guardian who deals with lasting powers of attorney. We've been doing a lot of work on a campaign to inform people of the benefits of having LPAs so it would be great if we could get together on this.

    If you can drop us an email we can have a chat!


  3. Comment by Tina Loyden posted on

    Hi CS Local Team. The Power of Attorney and Wills sessions filled up pretty quickly (before we could promote to staff). Can you tell me if you are planning more of these sessions in the coming months?
    Thank you

  4. Comment by Nilam Rajput posted on

    Are their going to further events as all are sold out

  5. Comment by Edyta Jaremek posted on

    I’m based in London and the event is sold out.
    Any chance that Lasting power of attorney and will event will be recorded ?

  6. Comment by Beverley Spink posted on

    just received notification of these events but they are already sold out for London. Will there be anymore?

  7. Comment by Michelle Greensted posted on

    The sessions in my area were all sold out already when the events were publicised how do we get on a session? Thanks

  8. Comment by Margaret G posted on

    I can’t access any of the events as the tickets are sold out. Would there be any more mock up sessions ?

  9. Comment by Ashok Mehay posted on

    Are you running any more Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills - what are they and why do they matter?

  10. Comment by lynn brown posted on

    I have lasting poa for father . we live in Scotland it has to be done through a solicitor here and does not cost 2170.

  11. Comment by Sue posted on

    Is it possible to have more sessions added please? they are obviously much in demand.

    • Replies to Sue>

      Comment by Anjum posted on

      It would be great if more sessions were arranged. I just seen this blog but no places left!! Hoping more are arranged, and we get informed as soon as they are available.

  12. Comment by Sandra posted on

    Hello, I just tried to sign up and the London sessions are already sold out. Will you be running any more sessions, or can you increase the numbers of attendees, or create a waiting list? Many thanks Sandra

  13. Comment by Jo Parker posted on

    Will there be some more sessions planned or a recording for those that cannot get on a session to view?
    Many thanks

  14. Comment by Louise posted on

    These seem to be sold out. Can you put on some more please?

  15. Comment by Eleanor Haddon posted on

    Hello. I'm from the National Appointee set up when visiting was suspended. This would be very useful for the team but we are based in Central region and I note there are no places available for our region - is it possible to have a session for us or can I sign up for one of the other regions. Also we are trying to set up some awareness sessions on appointees for processing offices. Thanks you

  16. Comment by Bob posted on

    As above please could you add more sessions they are all 'sold out'. Thank you.

  17. Comment by Dawn Peak posted on

    I agree please, both North West sessions are booked out

  18. Comment by Julie McKie posted on

    Hi, I have been attempting to join the sessions for Scotland but the March and May events are sold out, would there be any more scheduled as would be really interested in attending due to being a carer for my aunt and about to embark on Power of Attorney and how to proceed with the least cost? thanks

  19. Comment by Michelle posted on

    Scotland is also sold out, more sessions would be beneficial please.

  20. Comment by Leya posted on

    Hi, as above - the sessions are sold out already

  21. Comment by Jennifer posted on

    Hi both the Scotland session are sold out, is it possible to put more sessions on?

  22. Comment by Fiona Finlay posted on

    The 2 Scottish sessions are already sold out, will others be added?

  23. Comment by Sharon Haston posted on

    Hi, I was hoping to join one of the Scottish sessions but they are full. Will there be any more scheduled? Thank you.

  24. Comment by Neil Tindale posted on

    Hi, just tried to book an event for North West, but both are already sold out! Are there any more planned?

  25. Comment by Paula posted on

    More sessions in Scotland please

  26. Comment by Eleanor Haddon posted on

    Hello. I posted a comment last week but it appears to have been ignored. I am on the National Appointee Team and would find these sessions very useful as we deal with the whole country. However, there are no sessions for Central region - is this an oversight?

  27. Comment by tracey Abbiss posted on

    Hi I am booked in for today is it starting at 10.30 or 11.00 am thanks Tracey Abbiss from Wolverhampton and how do I join is it in the email to join team?