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Experienced sifters wanted

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hand writing2Following a successful Competency Surgery event in April (100% positive feedback) we plan to hold further events and we need a pool of experienced job application sifters willing to share their knowledge and experience. Can you help?

We are looking for Grade 6 to Executive Officers with sifting experience to volunteer their time to help fellow civil servants applying for new jobs.

The next session is planned for Thursday 19 May in HM Treasury, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ. (Details of how civil servants can register for a slot will be published later)

For sifters a pre-meet (via teleconference) to share materials will be mandatory before taking part in an event.

Helping to develop others is a rewarding experience and we welcome experienced sifters from across the Civil Service to take part in these events.

Reasons to get involved

  • Gain experience and help fellow civil servants looking for promotion or a change of job;
  • Use your 5 a year learning and development days;
  • Network and meet colleagues from other departments.

If you are interested please contact us letting us know:

  • your Grade;
  • your Department;
  • sifting experience/any other information.

What delegates had to say about the last event;

It worked on specifics to me and made me much more positive about how to present a competency…(AO)


Really helpful to have tailored. focused advice…I would recommend this to my own team, mentees and others   (Grade 7)



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