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Competency Surgery

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Would you like one to one competency advice for a job application? We will be holding Competency Surgeries in Newcastle and Leeds with the opportunity to receive tailored, focused advice on a competency example of your choice from an experienced sifter.

You can you expect a face to face conversation with a sifter from a pool of cross government departments, who will provide you with honest feedback about your competence. However, please do not expect your competence to be rewritten or scored.

Where and When?

Monday 23 October, Benton Park View, Newcastle

Thursday 23 November, Quarry House, Leeds

To reserve your place at a Competency Surgery near you, please visit:

Eventbrite, Competency Surgery Newcastle

Eventbrite, Competency Surgery Leeds

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  1. Comment by Sue Dockrill posted on

    Unable to register for this as stating my browser does not support when I open the link but can't open the e mail in another browser? Please can you contact me so I can register.

  2. Comment by Alison Booth posted on

    I'm the same as Sue, it's saying the browser won't support accessing this

    • Replies to Alison Booth>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Hi Alsion, can you please tell me what browser you are using. Can you also see if you can access Eventbrite directly using
      If so it may be possible to search for the event from Eventbrite's home page. Otherwise we will have to find a workaround.

  3. Comment by Lisa Greaves posted on

    Unable to register for this as stating my browser does not support when i open the link.
    Please would you contact me with further advice.
    Thank you.

  4. Comment by Gary Garner posted on

    Hi Will ther be any more surgeries as the local ones ae fully booked

  5. Comment by Peggy Krengel posted on

    I am also unable to register due to incompatability with the browser. I have tried going to the Eventbite website but have the same issue. The browser is Internet Explorer but I am unsure as to which edition as the properties state Internet Explorer FMO

  6. Comment by Sharron Wise posted on

    I'm so disappointed I couldn't get booked on this event for the same reasons incompatility of the browser I registered on Eventbrite but couldn't get booked on I sent numerous e-mails to them but again to no avail. All the replies said contact the event organiser direct but i didn't have their details. Any ideas for logging onto future events.

    • Replies to Sharron Wise>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      We very sorry to hear about the difficulty you experienced with EventBrite. We do not yet have new dates for this opportunity but hope to be able to run more in the near future. I have spoken to DWP Digital who have suggested that you use the Firefox browser - you would have to cut and paste the link into the browser as clicking on the link in the blog will automatically open your 'default' browser.
      I know that some people prefer to keep work and home seperate and are not keen to use thier personal systems for work related purposes but as an alternative you can access our web pages from your home PC or mobile phone.

      We are a small team and demmand for our opportunities is high. Where we have the resources we will offer alternate methods of accessing our services. I will continue to talk to DWP and will review our use of EB.

      • Replies to John Mark Haskey>

        Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

        I've been told by DWP Digital people that there are several different browsers in use in DWP depending on the age of your IT Kit. Surface Pro users seem to be ok but older pc's may be a problem. I'm toild that IE11 is due to be rolled out in the near future which hopefully will resolve some problems.