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Secure that job - hints and tips on completing applications

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If you struggle to complete job applications this session could be for you.

We can't obviously write the perfect application for you or provide any guarantees but we can help you make the most of your application. Through a mixture of listening and group activities this session gives you some practical tips on completing the application and writing competency examples.

When: Monday 30 April

Where: Rm G33, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ

Time: 12:30 to 2:30

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Before registering for a place, please discuss this learning opportunity with your line manager to ensure you are able to take the time away from your work. Any T&S to be paid by your home department.

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  1. Comment by Caroline posted on

    Will this be made available as a podcast or webinar or other for those who cannot make it all the way to London?

    • Replies to Caroline>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Caroline,

      We are looking into ways of making our Discovery Sessions accessible for people not able to attend in person so watch this space.

  2. Comment by June Shearing posted on

    Having a link would be great. Working form an office that is due to close we are looking for every snippet of information that we can find. Would be happy to deliver here from the information if that is an option.

  3. Comment by Andrea Evans posted on

    Are there any plans to deliver this by Lync, to make it more cost effective for people to access, as the location and only being a 2 hour workshop makes it unsuitable for people based in the North


  4. Comment by S HAMMOND posted on

    Just echoing the above comments - script, slides, handouts for local re-briefing or Skype/video etc would be most helpful to those remote from London

  5. Comment by Janet Savin posted on

    Hi to add to June's comment, as well as helping those in areas where offices are closing, as we get closer to moving to HMRC Regional Offices, it will help those who may be in RDT but would like a change. I assume it will help those who want to move out of the Civil Service as well?

  6. Comment by Chloe posted on

    Hi Susan, is this opportunity open to anyone in DWP or just those in the "East, South East and London" areas?

    • Replies to Chloe>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Hi Chloe
      The activities posted on the ESEL page are aimed at those in the East, South East and London, we do not expect people to travel long distances to attend.

      • Replies to Susan Coles>

        Comment by Chloe posted on

        Thankyou Susan.