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Open your doors, support a colleague's development

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We are pleased to announce the CS Local Scotland Connections programme is nearly here. This will give the opportunity to shadow someone in another Department through ‘ShadowMe’(and there are 46 is Scotland remember!) or to benefit from a different perspective on current challenges from a mentor from a different Department, ‘MentorMe’.

Want to share with someone what your job entails and how you approach and carry out particular tasks, or feel you can support someone’s development – this is for you!

Before we launch formally we are keen to build up our database of people from all grades and all Departments who are willing to make themselves available to support the development of others by setting time aside to be shadowed or to be a mentor:



By putting yourself forward to be shadowed we mean allow someone to come and observe and learn about what you do for no more than 1 day. This could be less than 1 day, or split over a number of sessions depending on what the ask is (i.e. to shadow a particular meeting or task). You can agree how many 1 day slots you make available with the team.


If you are willing to support someone else by talking through their current challenges and/or supporting their career development and planning. Mentoring arrangements are flexible and can be determined by the mentor and mentee as part of an initial discussion – not all sessions have to be face to face either.


Mentoring is widely available through many other routes including Departmental schemes, development schemes, MentorMatch and Civil Service Learning, however, a local mentor from a different Department could just give a different dimension.


Of course, signing up to be shadowed or to mentor doesn’t exclude you from applying to shadow another Department or benefit from a mentor yourself.


Interested? Please get in touch with Yvonne Robertson on the Connections team ( to register your details.

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  1. Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

    Great initiative building on existing shadowing and mentoring already in place across teams within Scotland and wider Civil Service. Have signed up and hope we build a fantastic network here which supports people's personal development and wider understanding/sharing across all departments with a footprint in Scotland, on top of everything we are doing already together.

  2. Comment by Gabrielle Cheung posted on

    I am really looking forward to seeing the list for applicants! This is a fabulous ideas.

    • Replies to Gabrielle Cheung>

      Comment by Andrew Crich posted on

      Thanks for your support Gabby - we're just putting some of the final pieces of the jigsaw into place and are looking to announce the launch next week.

      Watch this space!


      • Replies to Andrew Crich>

        Comment by Gabrielle posted on

        Fantastic. I certainly will!