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Maximising Personal Impact Online

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The aim of this workshop is to give leaders the tools to proactively manage their online reputation so they can maximise their personal impact.

A strong personal brand online can help you be more credible and attract better opportunities. For civil servants, protecting your online reputation is especially important.

This is a one off opportunity to attend a highly interactive workshop where you will learn from award-winning branding consultant Kaitlin Zhang on how to manage your online presence through a simple 5-steps process:

  1. Pitch (brand positioning and 4 types of elevator pitches),
  2. Profile (photos and videos),
  3. Platform (personal website),
  4. Produce (social media and content marketing),
  5. Partnership (brand partners and media partners).

Kaitlin will also share her top tips to protecting your online privacy and security.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have:

  • a clear vision for your brand positioning
  • your personal mission’s statement and elevator pitches
  • your personalised social media strategy
  • your personalised content marketing strategy

When: 15 March 2019, 10:00am to 12:00pm

Where: Auditorium, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1A 2HQ

Places are limited. Please book your ticket here.

Kaitlin Zhang is the CEO of Kaitlin Zhang Branding, a cross-border marketing agency specialising in B2B industries such as technology and financial services in the UK and China. Kaitlin is an award-winning personal branding consultant, helping entrepreneurs, executives and celebrities manage their online reputation. Kaitlin also works as the CMO at China Heritage, a technology-powered Chinese investment firm.

Please ensure you have approval from your line manager to attend and any travel and subsistence costs must be met by your own department.


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  1. Comment by Geraldine Cumiskey posted on

    Hi. I cannot attend this workshop but I am very interested in it. Is there anything you can share with me please from the workshop?

  2. Comment by Ranjit Singh posted on

    Are there likely to be any similar workshops elsewhere in the country?

    • Replies to Ranjit Singh>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Sorry this is a one off. We were very lucky to secure Kaitlin's services.

  3. Comment by Michelle Owens posted on

    I am unable to attend but would also be interested in knowing more. Can sessions like this be set up like a Webinar or recorded to share?

    • Replies to Michelle Owens>

      Comment by Susan Coles posted on

      Thank you for the suggestion. We are considering how we can make these sessions available via recordings and hope to be able to make some of our sessions available in this format in the future.

  4. Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

    Thanks Ranjit for your interest. You can find other workshops I'm running on the Events page on my website. Alternatively, I have a free email course on personal branding on my website as well. I also write about branding, technology and UK/China relations on my blog. Kaitlin Zhang -