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Build your capability - secondment opportunities to work with our team

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Four women standing by some crates of food in a warehouse at a foodbank
The CSL Midlands Team - Christmas 2018 (Left to Right) Andrea Charity, Andrea James, Brenda Bond and Angela Fisher.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to expand your capability?

Are you interested in learning more about Civil Service Local and how you can get involved? We are offering a number of secondment opportunities to work with us on a variety of projects in the Midlands area. Join us on 13 March to find out more.

What is being on secondment with us like?

Andrea Charity was a project lead in 2018 and 2019. She describes her secondment experience as follows:

A woman is holding a tape measure to show the height of a tower made of spaghetti and marshmallows

"The team was small, very friendly and determined to deliver the best learning and development opportunities across the Midlands.  I admit it was daunting to start with.  Moving into a role with a great deal of autonomy only limited by your creative imagination takes time to adjust to after a number of civil service jobs that aren’t that flexible.  It took me a little time to settle and be confident enough to bring my own ideas to the table because of this.

"After a month or so something just clicked and that’s the beauty of this role.  It brings out something different in every person and you realise skills you never knew you had.  It’s the chance to work cross departmentally for a start.  That really puts things in perspective.  Huge government departments (and I came from a small one and moved into a large one) don’t seem that big anymore as you have the chance to work with over 46,000 staff.  Bringing together all those ideas, sharing best practice, problem solving and networking as well as delivering inspirational events and changing peoples’ futures with academies is what you’ll be doing for a living.

"It’s the best year in my career.

Andrea Charity with fellow CSL Midlands team member Lora Gade"If you’re thinking this might be for you I’d say challenge yourself and go for it.  This won’t be like any other civil service opportunity you’ll see offered.  You’ll meet people from all across the area and wider afield and those contacts will stay with you and who knows after a year what legacy you’ll leave to the team in the form of great events and learning opportunities for staff you’ll have helped devise.

"It's the best year in my career. I’ve made new friends, developed loads of new skills, seen how different departments work, and staff in our academies bloom and develop new perspectives.  If you have the opportunity to join CS Local, take it, you won’t regret it, I certainly don’t.  My only regret? Not having come across to CS Local earlier in my career."

Find out more

Come along to this session to learn all about CS Local; what we do, how we can work better together; and, how to get involved. You will be able to meet civil servants from across a range of departments and see what going on in your area. This is a  great way to build your personal networks and reflect on your skills and attributes and play your part in building the CS Local offer for the Midlands.

When: Friday 13 March 2020

Where: Five Ways House, Islington Row Middleway, Birmingham B15 1SL

Book the morning session: 10:30 - 12:30

Book the afternoon session: 1:30 - 3:30

Please ensure you obtain approval from your line manager before registering for the event, and ensure you register using your work email address.

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  1. Comment by Brendalyn Bond posted on

    My secondment with Civil Service Local was the best thing I did since joining the Civil Service (CS). I learnt new and developed existing skills.
    I encourage, if you do nothing else for your career in 2020, join CSL,take the leap and do something out of your comfort zone.
    You'll collaborate with colleagues within the wider CS and there are departments out there that I guarantee you never knew were part of the CS family; so go ahead, challenge yourself!

  2. Comment by Tammy Baillie posted on

    What a lovely read and a lovely picture guys (Angela I didn't recognise you) 🙂 there are lots of opportunities to get involved with CS Local up and down the country and this read should inspire more people to sign up. Andrea I love your comment about it being the best year in your career 🙂

  3. Comment by Adam M posted on

    Will try and come... but you've organised the event on the day of the Cheltenham Gold Cup 🙁

  4. Comment by Ali Mains posted on

    Hi CSL Midlands, thank you for a fab event. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots from all of you.