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Secondment Opportunity (Executive Officer or equivalent)

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We strive to connect with all civil servants that live or work in Scotland/NI. We also play a key role in engaging with all CS Local Teams across the UK.

We are currently offering opportunities for EOs to join our team on secondment.

"I was quickly introduced into a whole other world of civil service departments I was completely unaware of. This opportunity has had a real positive effect on my self-confidence and the team have encouraged and supported me throughout. I have built a great communications network which I hope will continue on in my career." Work coach returning to DWP

If you aspire to be part of driving change and playing a key role in engaging with civil servants across government departments in Scotland/NI then look no further.

You will join our team for a period of 12 months. Salary and T&S will need to be paid by your home department for the period of the secondment.

These roles can be based anywhere in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

If you are interested please email us for an application and a copy of the advert.

The closing date for all applications is 26 September 2020


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  1. Comment by Alison King posted on

    Link on the above does not function and takes you to a URL that cannot be found. Could you please send me a copy of the advert and application to the email below.

    Thank you

    • Replies to Alison King>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Hi thanks for contacting us.I have fixed the link - can you test and let me know if it's ok?

      • Replies to John Mark Haskey>

        Comment by Alison King posted on

        Link is now bringing up the email. Thanks John

  2. Comment by Chris posted on

    the link seems to be broken, no way of obtaining the advert/email address

  3. Comment by liz bishun posted on

    Hi the link does not seem to be fixed

    • Replies to liz bishun>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      Liz, some browsers in DWP are not configured to openmailto: links but you should be able to 'right click' on the link and copy the email address into your email. If this doesn't work pls let me know