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We are celebrating neurodiversity

neurodiversity poster with the words neurodiversity and it takes all kinds of different minds below

Let us celebrate neurodiversity 10 November to 12 November 2020

CS Local have been working in partnership with the Autism strategy team within Scottish Government to bring to you a series of events over 3 days, these events are on line and are open to any civil servant in the UK.

Let us celebrate neurodiversity events offer the experiences and insight about what it means to be neurodivergent.

It is estimated that 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent. This means it is highly likely that you, or someone you work with, is contributing to the natural and often hidden neurodiversity within our workforce. 

Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Autism, Tourettes and ADHD are just some of the terms you may have come across – but what does this mean for you as an individual, colleague, line manager and as a civil servant?

We all have different experiences and view life from different points of view. We also know that seeing it from someone else’s perspective helps us build understanding, confidence, resilience and appreciation of others and therefore build inclusion.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in celebrating neurodiversity or creating an inclusive workplace who is a civil servant in the UK.

The sessions will be offered on a mix and match basis, so you can choose to register the sessions you want to attend– we hope there will be plenty to educate and stimulate.

See what we have to offer below and use the link to book your space in Eventbrite

Tuesday 10 November 2020

10:00 to 10:40  CS Local and the Scottish Government Autism Strategy policy advisor opening address.

10:45  to 11:30   Tourette Scotland

12:30 to 14:45    Genius Within and Siena Castellon, UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals

15:00 to 16:00   ADHD UK

Wednesday 11  November 2020

10:00 to 10:45  Charity for Civil Servants ‘Brain in Hand’ app

11:15  to 12:30   ADHD Foundation CEO Tony Lloyd and Rory Bremner

12:45 to 13:45  Ambitious about Autism

14:30 to 15:30 British Dyslexia Association

Thursday 12 November 2020

10:00 to 11:30  Scottish Autism and Craig Leslie, Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service

13:00 to 13:45  Civil Service Dyslexia and Dyspraxia network:  Line Managers Toolkit

14:00 to 15:30  Dyslexia Scotland

Places are limited, so please ensure you have your line manager’s permission to attend.  You will need to register on eventbrite with your work email address. We will send you more information about how to access the sessions online, once ticket sales have closed on 6th November. On receipt of the joining instructions you will need to check you have access to the digital platform, in advance of the event.

If you have any questions about the events above or would like to know more about Civil Service Local please email us at CS Local Scotland and Northern Ireland.



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  1. Comment by Nick Redshaw posted on

    This is excellent just wondering if you can or are going to cover any of the acquired neurodiversity areas, from brain injury, mental health condition, PTSD, Depression, anxiety? Keep up the great work.

    • Replies to Nick Redshaw>

      Comment by Heather Flanagan posted on

      Thank you Nick, some great ideas here and I will certainly look into them for future events. Please check out our blog for International Mens Day as I know mental health and depression are being covered there.

  2. Comment by Bob Martin posted on

    This is a great programme but a bit concentrated on one day, don't think I can spare that much time all at once. Is it possible for the sessions to be recorded and made available to watch at a convenient time for those of us who are time-limited or can't afford this much time on a single day? I think the set of events would make for a really valuable resource that we could dip into at a later date. Thanks

    • Replies to Bob Martin>

      Comment by Heather Flanagan posted on

      Hi Bob, This all started as a face to face conference with stands to attend for information, due to covid-19 it has become an online event, some of the speakers will record their sessions, so please do let me know which you would like for future use

  3. Comment by Wendy Duncan posted on

    Please note that you must be able to access Zoom to join some of these events online event. We are committed to ensuring that wherever possible our events are accessible to all participants however; we understand that not everyone will have access to this software used to deliver this session on their work device. Therefore it may be of use to use a personal device to join the Zoom meetings.

  4. Comment by Tom Adams posted on

    Can we not do this on Microsoft Teams (launched live as of today)? - I am office based, so have no personal device?

    • Replies to Tom Adams>

      Comment by Heather Flanagan posted on

      Hi Tom, some of the events are dictated by the software that the speakers use, Cabinet office also only changed to MS teams today, we have as yet to have our training on using this platform, hopefully you will be able to join us in the future

  5. Comment by Mathilda posted on

    Hello. I was too late to sign up to the webinar on dyslexia. I manage someone with dyslexia and would love to listen to it: was there a recording I would get sent the link to by any chance? I did contact the BDA the day before the seminar to see if they could send me the link, but they have just replied saying that they were not the ones organising the webinar. Thanks in advance for any help you can send me, or a contact email I could reach out to directly maybe? Thank you

  6. Comment by Heather Flanagan posted on

    Hi, could you please message and provide us with your contact details

  7. Comment by Peter Dickens posted on

    shame this was a one off. Would love to have attended or viewed the presentation in slower time when not quite so busy.

    • Replies to Peter Dickens>

      Comment by Heather Flanagan posted on

      Peter, if you email the contact with what you were interested in they may be able to provide you with content from the sessions as some were recorded.