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The Junior Leaders Networking Events (JLNE) goes virtual

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About the event

The Junior Leaders Networking Events (JLNE) is a cross government network that connects colleagues in grades AO to EO in an environment where they learn from senior leaders, share information and receive practical support to move their careers forward in East, South-East and London (ESEL) region.

Interactive sessions

Join other colleagues across government on  Thursday, 26 November  from 9:30am to 4:30pm for an interactive day of learning, gaining new insight to enhance your Civil Service career, wellbeing and practical tools to address workplace challenges.

There is something of interest for everyone and sessions are available to register on Eventbrite.

9:30am to 10:30am

The Head of Leadership, Learning and Talent for Ministry of Defence will cover career pathways, searching for new opportunities, presenting your CV and interview top tips. Register here Career Development: Take control for yourself

11:00am to midday

The Deputy Director for Inclusion, Wellbeing and Employee Engagement for Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and Co-Chair Race to the top G6/7 network will promote the topic of your personal brand and how you promote yourself.  Register here Personal Branding: I am my brand

12:30pm to 1:30pm

Are you working long hours? Worried about your wellbeing? In need of a boost?  Join a member of an award winning wellbeing project team who will host:

• A fun and Interactive wellbeing session using the Civil Service 2018 Award Winning Wellbeing toolkit

• Share opportunities that promises to help you take better care of your wellbeing.

• A brief Q and A session

Register here A-Z to Better Well-Being: Take action – it’s in your hands

2:00pm to 3:00pm

The Assistant Director for Business, Investment & Growth Team (Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), Co-Chair of The Civil Service Race Forum (CSRF) and Co-Chair of The Faith and Minority Ethnic (FAME) Network will discuss issues surrounding Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination (BHD).  This session will provide an overview of BHD and Micro-Aggressive behaviours, how to spot the signs, where to go for support, how you can help BHD victims.  There will also be a Q and A session.  Register here Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination: Empower yourself and others

 3:30pm to 4:30pm

The Deputy Director, Civil Service Organisation Development, Design and Culture Practice (Civil Service HR in Cabinet Office) will kick off the session with an exercise on organisation metaphors. The session  will explore why it is of value to be a leader who takes a genuine interest in staff and answer your burning questions on this topic.  Register here Compassionate leadership: The human element

Before you sign up for the event(s)

Please discuss attendance at this event with your line manager.

Next steps

Register using your civil service email address only.

If having booked a ticket you are no longer able to attend, please ensure you cancel your ticket promptly so another colleague may have the place.

Joining instructions will be emailed to registered participants a few days before the event.

Getting involved with JLNE

We are looking to grow our team. Can you commit a few hours a month, help with one-off events, or join the steering group? Email Volunteering for further details.

Find out more about our past offering at JLNE past events

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Amanda posted on

    Do you know if there will be replays or would this event reoccur again?

    • Replies to Amanda>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks, Amanda. This is a standalone event and won't be held again, but the JLNE does typically stage several events of a similar nature each year to support staff in AO/EO grades across the Civil Service, so please do keep an eye on our blog. We are also testing today to see if we can record and make the sessions available to view at your leisure afterwards; we will confirm to you if this is the case.

      • Replies to Ian Barton>

        Comment by Nyari posted on

        Hi Ian, have you managed to see if you can record the sessions. Tried to register today, but the events are sold out 🙁

  2. Comment by Rebecca Best posted on

    Is there a reason why this event is targeted to moving "careers forward in East, South-East and London (ESEL) region"? Why is it region specific?

    • Replies to Rebecca Best>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks for your question, Rebecca. The Junior Leader Networking Events originally arose from a project led by staff who attended the ESEL Future Leaders Academy. These JLNE events are held on a regular basis (typically 3 or 4 face-to-face events a year) and are peer-led, i.e. they continue to be created by junior grade staff within the ESEL region (rather than CS Local directly) with the aim of networking with colleagues from similar grades across the region. I also understand the specific topics/content for this event was developed after surveying civil servants within the ESEL region. Whilst CS Local does have a core offer to civil servants nationally, including for example an Academy held in each region annually, there is also leeway for us to encourage and enable local civil servants in each locality to create and test out their own developmental activities, such as this event. That said, where certain sessions prove to be particularly popular, we can look to try and replicate them around the country, and we will be happy to share feedback with our colleagues in other regions who may wish to help stage something similar.

  3. Comment by Caroline posted on

    Apologies if this is a daft question but would you be planning to up the capacity for the sessions currently running? Also, is it possible to see a list of future events planned or do we have to wait until they appear on this blog? Thank you in advance. 🙂

    • Replies to Caroline>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks. Caroline. Yes, we did increase the capacity for the sessions so that we could accommodate everyone that we had initially placed on the waiting list; I hope you were able to join us. For the most part we tend to announce our events via the blog, and we encourage people to sign up to email alerts so that they will get an automated email to advise them of the event. Because of the pandemic, this year has been unusual and all our plans for face-to-face activities have been derailed, and so the development of our online offer has been incremental. But as we develop our plans, we will become more strategic in our approach and this should lead to slightly longer lead-in times.

  4. Comment by Alan posted on

    Hi Ian, I would really appreciate sessions such as these being recorded and available for Civil Servants to attend post recording. This would widen participation especially for people who work evenings/ part time etc. Thank you

  5. Comment by sylwia madej posted on

    Hi ,
    Is anyone having problems logging in as it is on you tube ??

    • Replies to sylwia madej>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks for your comment, Sylwia. Some people do have problems logging on to YouTube because their departmental IT does not allow it. We encouraged people who signed up to join via a personal device if they were unable to do so from their work device. Whilst this is not an ideal situation, we hope by staging these events online in this way, we are giving people the best possible chance to join them in a secure way.

  6. Comment by Victoria posted on

    my colleague try to get on the day but was not successful, I am not sure what she was supposed to have done. She said she register.

    • Replies to Victoria>

      Comment by Ian Barton posted on

      Thanks for your comment, Victoria. Some people do have problems logging on to YouTube because their departmental IT does not allow it. We encouraged people who signed up to join via a personal device if they are unable to do so from their work device.