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Confidence Classes

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8 squares detailing Improved Outcomes, Effective Leaders, Skilled People and A great place to workThis session explores building your Confidence through increasing your Self-esteem and recognising your Self-worth.  We will explore the Neuroscience of confidence, how the brain works and why people think the way they do in relation to Mind Set.  The session covers tips on how to create a more positive Mind Set which  in turn leads to creating greater personal confidence.  The session includes story telling and interactive exercises.

This session lasts for approximately 2 hours, delegates will receive an electronic package of exercises and tips to explore after the event which can be used to increase their own confidence or used as material for team sessions.

Where and when

The event is taking place on Monday 12 November at Business Event Centre , Benton Park View,, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE7 7NE between 10:30 - 12:30

Who is it for?

This event has something for everyone, and is open to all staff.

How do I join?

To secure your place, please sign up via Eventbrite 

Please ensure you register using a valid work email address, failure to do so may invalidate your ticket.


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  1. Comment by Sue Hartley posted on

    This is a great idea - will it be rolled out to other locations within the North East/Yorkshire and the Humber area?

  2. Comment by Ruth Dowsett posted on

    I agree great idea! Who is facilitating the event? Will it be available for DWP staff in the South West?

  3. Comment by Leah Zvaraya posted on

    I agree with Sue Hartley, may you also consider Hull as the other location for the roll out please. Many thanks.

  4. Comment by Misba posted on

    Will this be available in the Midlands?

  5. Comment by Monika Skibinska posted on

    or Leeds/Sheffield as the other locations for the roll out please ?

  6. Comment by India Charlesworth posted on

    I agree too. It would be good to have some of theses across the region so more people can have the opportunity to attend.

  7. Comment by Kim McGreal posted on

    Thirding the request for more locations - West Yorkshire would be good.

  8. Comment by Rosemary McGuire posted on

    Could this course be held at Waterview Park if there were enough applicants.

  9. Comment by Anne Hunter posted on

    Thank you to everyone who has commented on this article.
    At the moment the workshop facilitator only has the capacity to do one for us in NEYH but we will follow up to see if we can arrange another in a different location.

    • Replies to Anne Hunter>

      Comment by Ross Pendrey posted on

      Hello, Anne.

      I saw the Blog on Tuesday, but left it until this morning to contact my line manager about it. Unfortunately, and before I had the chance to speak to him, I then discovered that the event in Newcastle on 12/11 is sold out what a disappointment! Can you please let me know asap whether there is likely to be another event of this type anytime soon? I'd be 'desperate' to be allocated a place next time, and the sooner the better!

      Many thanks in anticipation of hearing from you!


      Ross Pendrey

  10. Comment by Lorna posted on

    I would love to attend but I am not available of that day. The article mentions an electronic package available after the event. Any chance I could get my hands on this please?

  11. Comment by Wendy Gosling posted on

    I would like to attend this event and receive the resources if it is held again, perhaps further south of the region. This one was sold out before I spotted it.

  12. Comment by Sharon Hall posted on

    Can I attend if I'm from another region?

    • Replies to Sharon Hall>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      If there are spaces, and your organisation will support your T&S then we do not discourage people from attending events in other regions. Bear in mind a lot of the events will be repeated, if there is demand, closer to where you live or work.

  13. Comment by Sonia Cox posted on

    I also missed this one and based in Newcastle - so if there is a waiting list id love to put my name down. this course obviously resonates with a lot of colleagues

  14. Comment by Saeed posted on

    I agree with a lot of comments on here. I also would like to attend this event but have missed out. Can you put me on a waiting list?

  15. Comment by Hilary Thurlbeck posted on

    I am also too late for this event. It would be great if I too could have an electronic copy of the tools and tips to use with my team. This was the main purpose of my interest in attending.

  16. Comment by Paula Wear posted on

    I have just tried to register and realised it is sold out - I would love to attend another within the north east of England.
    If there are no courses planned, I would be very grateful if I could have a copy of the slides please.

  17. Comment by Saeed posted on

    I agree Sheffield as one of the other roll out locations. Confidence is something that is taken as granted but a local session would be great and make positive impact.