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Would you like to dance

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As you have probably noticed it’s National Inclusion Week giving departments the opportunity to showcase and promote the great work they do around Inclusion.

There will be lots of events happening across departments so we hope you get involved.

So where does the dancing come in? Well as noted diversity advocate Vernā Myers puts it, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

We’d love you to come and dance with us at CS Local. We’re passionate about bringing people together to share experience, grow knowledge and develop ideas to build a brilliant Civil Service. Read about one example here.

Another  example is our commitment to improving the way we work. As a team we are spread across the country and need to work flexibly to meet the demands of the role. This could easily lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety but by regularly keeping in touch and being there for each other it’s a win win position that benefits us as individuals and the organisation.

If you have an event happening in your department why not make it really inclusive and invite people from neighbouring departments. The more we can break down barriers the more inclusive the Civil Service will become. Check our pages (Sign up for email alerts so you don’t miss out) for events such as Meet the Neighbours in Bristol or if you are in London here are some events this week which all civil servants are invited to.

Inclusion is not just a ‘one week in a year’ event though, so get involved and be curious about what your organisation and others do throughout the year to make the workplace and culture more inclusive and a great place to work.

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  1. Comment by Chris posted on

    These are all good initiatives. If we are to have greater inclusion I would like to see it made easier for people to move to and from departments and agencies and also to be able to join CS local on secondments.

    At the moment there is so much red tape that prevents these things from happening.

  2. Comment by Simon Williams posted on

    I like the quote from Vernā Myers

  3. Comment by Elspeth Dornan posted on

    For National Inclusion week our team held a special lunchtime meeting . Different kinds of cakes/sweets/biscuits were provided to ensure folk with different dietary needs were included and we also had a pop music quiz where again we discovered that with our different tastes of music being included we could answer most of the questions - although we did cover some aspects of the official inclusion material , the goodies and quiz brought it all home to us

  4. Comment by Kathie Bates posted on

    Hi Chris,

    Would love to hear your thoughts on what we can do to remove barriers to moving across departments.

    We are very keen to take more people on secondment to help deliver our activities. If you department is willing to fund this, please do contact us and we'll see how we can support.

    Kind Regards

    Kathie (Head of CS Local)