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The team at Civil Service Local North West are recruiting project leads to work with citizens in our local communities, and to improve the skills of civil servants in the region. The posts will be part-time for 13 months, and you will still be employed by your current department or agency if you are successful.

Role Description

As a project lead, you will be responsible for the development and management of a new or existing Civil Service Local North West project. Among other responsibilities, you will:

  • make sure that your project’s activities fit in with Civil Service Local’s national strategic objectives
  • work closely with a wide range of people both inside and outside the public sector
  • manage a cross-government team who will deliver the project, and recruit more team members if they are needed

We are now recruiting people to lead the projects listed below.

Secondary Schools

You will lead and help develop a programme that inspires young people in our communities, working in partnership with schools. Your time commitment will be 7 hours per week.

Civil Service Connect (previously Meet the Neighbours) and Civil Service Induction

You will plan and deliver events that bring people from different parts of the Civil Service together. Your time commitment will up to 7 hours per week, plus attendance at between 3 and 5 events.

Middle Managers’ Academy

You will lead a team to deliver a residential leadership programme for civil servants at Higher Executive Officer (HEO) and Senior Officer (SO) level. Your time commitment will be 3 to 4 hours per week, increasing to 7 hours per week in the month before the event. You will also need to spend 4 days at the events.

Changing Horizons (three roles available)

You will lead a team to deliver large-scale careers events for young people in Oldham, Blackpool or Liverpool. Your time commitment will be 3 to 4 hours per week, increasing to 7 hours per week in the two months before the event. You will also need to spend two consecutive days setting up and attending the event.


You will develop a series of ‘hack’ events to solve common Civil Service challenges by bringing together people with different talents, experience and perspectives. Your time commitment will be 3 to 4 hours per week, plus attendance at the 2 or 3 hack events.

Going Forward

You will lead a team in a challenging prison environment to help offenders prepare to return successfully to society after they are released from prison. Your time commitment will be up to 7 hours per week, and you this will include some travel.

These opportunities would be most appropriate for Grade 7s and SOs, but high-performing HEOs looking for promotion may also apply.

If you would like to find out more about the roles, how they will help you develop yourself, or to apply, please contact James Dumbill.

Applications for these exciting opportunities close at 9am on 17 July, so don't delay.



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  1. Comment by Alison Taylor posted on

    The email address doesn't appear to be working.

    • Replies to Alison Taylor>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      I have just used the email link and it seems to be working on our GMail system. Functionality can depend on the browser you are using and I know that some people in DWP have an alternative browser that could work -the use of links can depend on which browser/email client you have set as default and whether or not it blocks pop-ups. If this doesn't work then copy the email address in the link and paste it into your email client. Let me know which works, John

  2. Comment by Chris posted on

    I am interested in and a big fan of the work that CS Local do- but it might be handy to consistently include the region in the headlines or to have regional mailing lists? Not specific to this particular post, sorry

    • Replies to Chris>

      Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

      GDS guides ask us not to put the region/country in the title - this information is listed as a Category and appears at the top of each individual post. As a compromise, I have asked that each blog contains, if relevant, the town or city where the event has been or will be. This is a little difficult if there are multiple locations. We have asked GDS to restore the original functionality whereby you could register to only receive notifications about a single category but this hasn't been possible yet.

  3. Comment by Chris posted on

    Thanks for the prompt and detailed reply, interesting to know the background.
    Hope NW get some good volunteers

  4. Comment by Lynne McMahon posted on

    These initiatives sound amazing and great opportunities to gain a wide range of skills.

    Does anyone know if CSL in Scotland are intending to have or are planning for similar initiatives to be undertaken in Scotland?