Tony Morris

Oldham Job Club 'Do Digital'

The Do Digital project aims to improve citizens’ digital skills to encourage them to use online government services and make the most of an increasingly digital world. A project team in Oldham did just that – and learned a bit about themselves into the bargain.

Following the Jesters

Every September, a group of excited - and slightly apprehensive - civil servants meet for the first time at the Front Line Managers’ Academy. Four days later they emerge as confident leaders-in-waiting, keen to deliver a project that will help transform the Civil Service.

Discover your next step in Liverpool

It’s that time of year when civil servants start planning our development for the next 12 months. Maybe you’re thinking about making the move to a different department? But do you know which other government departments are in your area? Come to our Discover Liverpool event to find out what opportunities await.

Inspire the next generation in Crewe

Would you like to improve your skills and competencies while helping to raise the aspirations of school children? Do you live near Crewe? Why not volunteer for our Inspiring Young People project? It gives students practical advice to help prepare them for the world of work, while providing you as a civil servant with a valuable opportunity to develop yourself.

Discovering how to expect the unexpected

It’s not every day that you can learn about resilience and crisis management from a senior civil servant who is involved with planning the government’s response to threats ranging from terrorist attacks to floods. But civil servants at a recent discovery session in Blackpool had precisely that opportunity.

Apprentices on course for success

Colleagues across the North West have developed their leadership skills and earned a qualification through Civil Service Local’s partnerships with learning providers. To date, 120 civil servants have taken, or are taking, a level 5 Apprenticeship in Learning and Management.