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Be Curious, Take Opportunities, Get Connected: Make a Difference

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Always curious, always interested in people I joined the Department of Social Security (DHSS now part of the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) as a temporary Administrative Assistant (AA) a zillion years ago. I absolutely know my journey to Deputy Director in HM Passport Office (HMPO) on secondment from DWP, is down to working collaboratively as part of a team and working hard to build a supportive network of talented, generous and supportive people from inside and outside our brilliant civil service and giving as much back as I have been gaining over the years.

On a day to day level, you can't always put your finger on your impact especially if you just ‘do’ but we all deliver some really big stuff and you might underestimate your impact until others point out just how amazing your achievements and what you are working on really are.  There is no better time to reach out to others facing similar challenges to work together and solve problems as a bigger and better team.

30 working days ago CS Local Scotland was just a sparkle in the eye of a few people who were keen to put a framework in place to support Civil Service departments and colleagues from across Scotland, build on the good practice sharing, networking and problem solving we are all good at within our own departments and which make us all part of A Brilliant Civil Service.

Well, finally CS Local Scotland is officially here and in that same 30 days, with the fantastic help and support of Andrew Crich, our Co-ordinator, like-minded colleagues and the wider CS local national network, we have shot out of the blocks since launching mid-April to reach out and make our mark in surfacing and connecting departments, our talented people and teams.

Leading national teams during my time with DWP, I wanted to replicate the same energy and thirst for sharing knowledge, talent and quality time experienced by colleagues in England & Wales through their CS Local networks, so saying yes to being the SRO was a pretty easy choice and I am both privileged and proud to take up this exciting role and can’t wait to see what we can deliver together.

We have taken a bit of a pounding recently as civil servants and certainly in HMPO and the wider Home Office, we have seen our fair share of late but what we do matters and I have always worked with some of the most committed, caring and frankly selfless colleagues and diverse teams who are keen to make a difference to someone, often at their wit’s end or at their most vulnerable. The sheer scale of the ideas generated by front-line colleagues is phenomenal and goes way beyond dry cost benefits, core efficiencies and performance targets and the like. They are bound up in making things easier and faster for our customers, or for their colleagues so as they can deliver continually improving, simpler, quality services. No mean feat when delivering services that touch every single UK citizen throughout their lives and many more abroad.

June will be a very busy month starting this week with the first Civil Service Live  of 2018 in Glasgow and CS L​ocal sessions across a number of sites hosted by HMPO, the Department for International Development (DFID) and​ HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to raise awareness and start to make those connections between departments -​ but that is just the start.

Please do look out for opportunities to participate and learn more about what is happening through and with CS Local Scotland.  Your involvement will really make a difference. In addition to checking this blog regularly for updates you can also follow us on Twitter @CSLocalScotland or contact myself or Andrew at and

Cheers just now,

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  1. Comment by June Shearing posted on

    Having worked with CS Local for a year I know you will love it and it is so good to hear that Scotland have joined with England in helping the Civil Service become a Brilliant place to work

    • Replies to June Shearing>

      Comment by Andrew Crich posted on

      Thanks June - what have you done with CS Local and what advice / experience can you pass on to colleagues in the areas we are expanding into this year (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) - drop me a line -

    • Replies to June Shearing>

      Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

      thanks June - Northern Ireland is well on its way too alongside Scotland, Engald & Wales so a full deck! Many of my old team in DWP are already benefitting for CS Local around the countrtly and sharing all our good practice will certainly strengthen our wider Civil Service Great Place to Work ambitions -we are well on our way!

  2. Comment by Fred Musleh posted on

    Really inspiring blog, I'll certainly be spreading the word and look forward to the opportunities ahead for all.

    • Replies to Fred Musleh>

      Comment by Andrew Crich posted on

      Thanks Fred - yes spread the word, we need every person who reads our blog or Twitter posts to tell colleagues and be infectious!

    • Replies to Fred Musleh>

      Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

      well thank you Fred 🙂 Know I can always rely on you. Let's get cracking!

  3. Comment by Richie Ireland posted on

    Great Blog Rozanne, and it's amazing how quickly CSL Scotland has come together and thrived. Well done to you, Andrew and all involved for making it so good!

    • Replies to Richie Ireland>

      Comment by Andrew Crich posted on

      We're very lucky to have appointed such a passionate SRO so early, but also to find some excellent, equally passionate driven leaders to help me - like your good self Richie. Looking forward to starting more good things very soon. Watch this space!

    • Replies to Richie Ireland>

      Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

      many thanks Richie and think we can do many good things together with your drive and passion at full pelt also alongside Andrew and wider CS Local colleagues in Scotland and across CS.

  4. Comment by Darren Kelly posted on

    Really enjoyed "making history today" (Andrew's words) by attending the first CS Local Discovery Session in Scotland today. Great session so would encourage you all to get along to start looking at what we can do as One Civil Service.

    • Replies to Darren Kelly>

      Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

      that's great Darren. 🙂
      Thank you for getting involved and taking the time to encourage others to follow your lead -we have so much good stuff to share and learn from each other.

  5. Comment by Elspeth Dornan posted on

    Fantastic reading, Rozanne and really enjoyed CSL Glasgow this year - I'll be spreading the word as much as I can - and also looking for opportunities to get involved

    • Replies to Elspeth Dornan>

      Comment by Rozanne Kidd posted on

      Hi Elspeth -thanks for your lovely comments. Just checking in to see if you have taken up any opportunities to get involved since your post? Would love to hear from you.

  6. Comment by John Mark Haskey posted on

    Mandy Loughlin stated "Fab blog and great to see CSL not only taking a foot hold in Scotland but already striding out creating great opportunities for closer working across departments!

    Not just pushing at open doors but taking them off the hinges as you push through - well done Andrew

    Keep up the passion and enthusiasm!"

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