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East, South East & London

Number of civil servants in the East South East and London - 152, 290

This breaks down into 21,160 (East), 39,470 (South East) and 91,660 (London).
Number of departments and agencies in the East South East and London - 79.

The East South East and London is a huge geographic area covering from the Norfolk coast to the Isle of Wight, with Greater London at its centre. Whilst London contains the majority of our civil servants, there is a distribution across the whole of the region, with significant pockets of staff in places such as Southampton/Portsmouth, Dover, Hastings, Reading, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Peterborough, Norwich, Ipswich and Southend.

Our CS Local team delivers cross departmental induction, leadership academies and learning/networking events. The blog page below will show you the latest events open for booking, alongside other reports and stories which we think will be of value to you.

We also run cross departmental networks for those who work in, or are passionate about, continuous improvement; engagement and wellbeing; environmental issues; social mobility, diversity and inclusion and citizen outreach. If you wish to join one of the networks, please email the team mailbox.

The East South East and London CS Local Team is led by Ian Barton and can be contacted on their team mailbox -

Opportunity for a Learning and Development Facilitator

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Learning and Development Facilitator sought for our Early Talent Management Programme: CS Local in the east of England is looking for someone who can help to deliver our programme over 2015-16. This exciting development opportunity will need up to 6 weeks input and can be undertaken in conjunction with an existing role.

Volunteer with secondary schools in the east and the south east of England

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Engaging our Schools is a programme of work to raise the aspirations of students, to encourage them to stay in education or prepare for the world of work. Volunteers aere needed to mentor the students or to lead these small projects teams to provide a great experience for both students and mentors.