A National Spotlight

Selected articles that may be of wider interest than the local region

National Networks Day 2018

Today we are supporting National Staff Networks Day. Networks are a core, integral part of what we do in bringing civil servants from across the departments together, to break down barriers, provide insight into what matters to them and to share practical and creative solutions to common issues.

Sign up for the Walking Challenge

The walking challenge begins on 14 May and runs until 2 July. If you don’t think you can walk 10,000 steps a day, don’t worry, it’s all about being aware of how much you walk. Exercise is a fantastic way to relieve stress and can be as simple as upping your daily step count. There’s still plenty of time to sign up

Are you ready to Get Yellow?

Are you ready to Get Yellow? ‘Get Yellow’ is The Charity for Civil Servants’ annual fundraising week, running from 2 to 6 October. It’s a great opportunity to get together with your colleagues and be as inventive as you like!