norw academy

Following the Jesters

Every September, a group of excited - and slightly apprehensive - civil servants meet for the first time at the Front Line Managers’ Academy. Four days later they emerge as confident leaders-in-waiting, keen to deliver a project that will help transform the Civil Service.

Inspired, engaged, energised: Steven Broderick's journey of development

Through my involvement with several Civil Service Local projects, I’ve learned how cross-government working can lead to sharing good practice and discovered the importance of engaging with people at all levels. I’ve benefitted from my experiences, and so has my employer, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Breaking out of the bubble at the Academy

I'd been stuck in a rut and felt that I needed something to boost my enthusiasm, so when I saw the invitation to apply for the Civil Service Local North West Academy, I jumped at the chance. I thought that spending 4 days at the Academy would be a break from the stress of my normal civil service life, and it might help to refresh my motivation. Little did I know what would happen when I broke out of my bubble.

A different perspective on the Civil Service

As civil servants we often view the role of the Civil Service through the lens of experience. We know that what we do improves the lives of our citizens - but do they know that? We teamed up with journalism students from Liverpool City College so they can cover events on our behalf while adding to their portfolio of work. These aspiring young journalists have a keen eye and a different perspective. Do they see what we see? Student Liam Bulloch had his first brush with civil servants when he attended the North West Academy.