Look what's on in Belfast

Whiteboard with writing - look what's on in Belfast for civil servants on 20th March

What makes you tick? And how can such knowledge help you in the workplace? Do you know the key behavioural features needed to lead and the elements common to high performing teams? For answers to these key questions, check out the upcoming Discovery Sessions for civil servants in Northern Ireland.

Announcing our National Academy Showcase

Civil Service Local presents the National Academy Showcase with images of people networks, people working together, joined hands, joined coloured ropes, an awards trophy with a star on top and a white government looking building

7 years - 31 talent academies - 1,600 leaders - over 30 departments and agencies - 250 facilitators. We are inviting those who have been involved to meet to reflect on and celebrate our success.

Discovery Session - Government Counter Fraud Profession

Civil Service Government Counter Fraud Profession logo

The aim of the event is to promote the Government Counter Fraud Profession and to connect government departments to ensure awareness and compliance with the Functional Standards for Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption. To highlight this we will be running a ‘taster day’ of various counter fraud initiatives and policies to Scottish Civil Servants cascading the message of fraud being everyone’s responsibility.